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Teen Services

Confidential Services

Minor Consent Medi-Cal services are designed to ensure that minors can receive confidential health care for "sensitive" services.

The application process for these services is confidential and will require a face-to-face meeting with an Eligibility Technician (ET). These services may be obtained without parental consent or knowledge.

Minor consent services are issued one month at a time; therefore, minors will need to contact their ET each month to renew their services.

Who is eligible for these services?

Minors may apply if they are all of the following:

  • Not married
  • Under 21 and living at home or
  • Temporarily away from home but claimed as a tax dependent for income tax purposes

The Minor’s confidentiality is protected by not requiring:

  • A social security number or card
  • Parents’ information
  • Use of health insurance coverage provided by the parent(s)
  • A pregnancy verification (if pregnant)
  • Identification

A minor’s home address is never entered into the system to ensure that all notices and correspondences are not sent to the minor’s home address.

Minors may apply even if they are working or have health insurance.

* Please note that the eligibility criteria are not all inclusive. Please call the Social Services Agency for a more comprehensive evaluation.

What services can I get?

Confidential sensitive services for minors include:

  • Pregnancy/pregnancy related care
  • Family planning
  • Sexual assault
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (only for child 12 years or older)
  • Drug abuse treatment/counseling (only for child 12 years or older)
  • Alcohol abuse treatment/counseling (only for child 12 years or older)
  • Mental Health outpatient care (only for child 12 years or older)

How Do I Apply for Minor Consent Services?

You must file an application, in person, at your local Social Services Agency Regional Center.