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Pregnant Teen Services

Pregnant and Parenting Teens who receive cash assistance from the CalWORKs program may also receive services from a program called Cal-Learn. The Cal-Learn program helps teen parents stay in school and be less dependent on long-term cash assistance.

  • Teens under 19 years of age who are receiving CalWORKs Cash Assistance and who do not have a high school diploma or equivalent are required to participate in the Cal-Learn Program.
  • They can choose to continue participating in the program until age 20.
  • Cash bonuses may be earned quarterly when the Cal-Learn participant's report card shows a grade point average of a C (GPA 2.0) or higher.
  • Upon graduation, or completing the GED, the Cal-Learn participant will also receive a cash bonus.
  • During participation in Cal-Learn, certain Supportive Services such as: childcare, transportation, and other necessary costs will be paid by the program to help the participant attend school.


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