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Definitions of Elder/Disabled Abuse

Adult Protective Services (APS) at 800-451-5155 (24-Hour Hotline)

Physical Abuse

  • Beating, slapping, pushing, or kicking
  • Restrictions on freedom of movement, such as confining the victim in the bedroom
  • Overmedication
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Withholding food or Water

Financial Abuse

The mismanagement of money or stealing property belonging to the victim. This can include:

  • Theft (the act of stealing)
  • Extortion (taking money or property through pressure, threats or intimidation)
  • Fraud (taking money or property by deception or misrepresentation)

Psychological Abuse

Verbal harassment, threats, or other intimidating behavior that results in fear, agitation, confusion, severe depression, or other forms of serious emotional distress.


Failure of a caregiver to provide basic necessities such as adequate food or water, shelter, medical treatment or personal care.


The desertion or willful forsaking of an elder or dependent adult by anyone having care or custody of that person under circumstances in which a reasonable person would continue to provide care and custody.


The removal from this state and the restraint from returning to this state of any elder or dependent adult who does not have the capacity to consent to this removal.


Actions, which prevent an elder or dependent adult from receiving mail or telephone calls. Falsely telling callers or prospective visitors that the elder or dependent adult does not want contact, if the purpose is to prevent contact with family, friends, or concerned persons. False imprisonment. Physical restraints, which prevent an elder or dependent adult from meeting with others.


An elder or dependent adult is unable to manage his/her personal needs in the areas of health care, food, shelter of finances, or cannot handle the basic activities of daily living.