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(CAST) Donations

Photo of stuffed lion beside a purple heart-shaped candy box

“Braveheart” - Our Lion Mascot

When CAST first began, our team dreamed of having a mascot that would be symbolic of the following gifts:

  • Knowledge to help children understand what has happened to them.
  • Courage to be able to tell someone about what has happened.
  • Heart to show them that someone respects, cares about, and loves them.

The Team felt a lion best represented these feelings and thoughts.  Thanks to private donations, we have given out over 1500 lions to children seen at CAST and, occasionally, to very special visitors.  We are deeply grateful for the many private donations that currently support this gift for CAST clients/children!

To volunteer or make a tax-deductible contribution, please contact an Advocate Coordinator at (714) 935-7545.

Make checks payable to OCCAPC/CAST, Tax ID #33-0013237.

Child Abuse Prevention Center

Thank-you for your generous donations!